Export Partners – AVOCO

AVOCO is New Zealand’s leading avocado exporter and our exclusive exporting partner. AVOCO markets fruit into a number of valuable Pacific rim markets including Australia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and China. AVOCO has a passion for new market development and a strong focus on OGR.

Domestic Market Partners – BayFarms

BayFarms was established by Alister Hawkey and Ron Bailey in 1995, as is well known for its quality and consistency. BayFarms supplies the two major supermarket chains in New Zealand, and also the main wholesale market. There is also an online store where consumings can buy our domestic market fruit directly: https://bayfarms.net.nz/

Industry Partners – NZ Avocado

Avocado growers export fruit under the Horticultural Export Act legislation.  The government recognized group managing this legislation on behalf of growers and the government is NZ Avocado. They establish and manage the compliance requirements related to the export of avocado fruit from New Zealand.

Processing Partners

Trevelyan’s arrange the supply of processing grade avocados to multiple markets where companies produce premium avocado oil.

Operations Partners

We work with first-class contractors. We believe the contractors we work with, for picking, packing or spraying, offer the best service at competitive rates.

David Wills is one of our preferred harvest contractors and an avocado grower himself.

Duncan Moore is one of our preferred harvest contractors, he is an experienced picker and contractor.

Ashby Whitehead is our contractor for orchard management, and is a grower himself