At Trevelyan’s, we proudly pack and ship avocados year-round for over 200 growers with orchards across the Bay of Plenty, Coromandel, and Hawkes Bay. We partner with a diverse range of growers, from large corporates and trusts to small, self-picked operations. Large or small, our commitment to our growers is unwavering; we help them achieve great orchard gate returns (OGR) and navigate them through the value chain, and we do it while keeping them informed with honest, first-class communication.

Our focus is on the long-term success of our growers’ business. On top of our diligence to pack, store and ship our growers’ fruit in the optimum condition, Trevelyan’s offers our avocado growers a comprehensive suite of support, guidance, and management services to help continually improve their businesses year after year. Informed by extensive on-orchard experience and industry-leading expertise, our Avocado Grower Liaison and Avocado Technical teams work alongside our growers to ensure they make the best-fit solutions for their business, now and in the future.

Our Avocado Grower Liaison team are our in-house avocado extraordinaires, here to support our growers with all things avocado, from orchard to offshore. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to read your first packout report or need a trusted second opinion for planting plans and budgets on your next development blocks, our team is always happy to use their vast experience to help.

Our Avocado Technical and laboratory teams test, monitor and analyse orchard-specific data to give our avocado growers the right recommendations for informed decisions. If you’re looking for soil, leaf, or dry-matter testing, in-house AvoGreen monitoring, or spray and fertiliser recommendations, our teams can provide those services and insights. Our Avocado Technical Manager, Dr Jonathan Cutting, also provides our avocado growers with fortnightly TechTips and AvoGreen Updates to distribute technical guidance at an industry level.

If you’re an avocado grower looking to partner with Trevelyan’s, or you would like to get in contact about avocado orchard management, technical or lab services, give our Head of Avocado, Daniel Birnie, a call today.

For a broader view of the market and the latest in industry news, check out our Avocado Quarterly newsletter or contact Daniel to be put on our weekly Avocado Update mailing list. See our upcoming events page, where we’ll list our upcoming Field Days and Discussion Groups.