We can all agree that our industry has its challenges, but these issues shouldn’t be feared. We believe challenges present the opportunity to grow as a company and that’s why we’ve adopted the phrase Big Little Wins.

Big Little Wins encapsulates our commitment to expose and solve problems every step of the way and ensure we’re ahead of the game. We’re taking a considered approach to making small changes to our everyday actions that have a big impact overall.


For Trevelyan’s, sustainability is a priority – economic, social and environmental. And for us to continue to be sustainable, we try to transform any challenges we encounter into opportunities for our growers and our business.

These challenges include responding efficiently and effectively to volume growth, better technology and information systems, supporting our suppliers to make sustainable choices and helping our staff look after their emotional and physical wellbeing.


The foundation of our company rests on three pillars – organisational values which encompass all facets of Trevelyan’s. These are WORK SMART, RESPECT OUR PEOPLE and TREAD LIGHTLY.

All business decisions are undertaken with consideration to these pillars, as these capture the three main areas we want to invest in for continuous improvement year-on-year.

By using these pillars as a ‘lens’ through which to look at our business, we can identify improvements to be made and systematically find our Big Little Wins.



We’re excited to share with you the stories of our people and our place, to celebrate the Big Little Wins in our everyday actions that are adding up to better results for our growers – and the industry at large.



Read our latest Big Little Wins article here



Our new Grower Portal is up and running, giving growers live orchard data such as flower counts, fruit counts and post-harvest information on their mobile, tablet or laptop.

For example, as soon as counts are complete, they are entered into the digital platform and are available to the grower within minutes.

Better data also helps us make better decisions, leading to better fruit handling, lower fruit loss and higher grower returns.


We’re committed to keeping our workforce as healthy as possible.

We bring in nurses for free health checks, we offer presentations and support for our staff to better understand and manage stress in the workplace, and we hold cooking classes to demonstrate how to make healthy meals on a budget.

All year round, we also offer onsite fitness classes, such as yoga, Pilates and walking / jogging groups, and we’ve set up a 2km fitness track with an 80-step stair climb that employees can use before or after work or on their breaks.


Every year Trevelyan’s hosts regular ‘technical transfer sessions’ – which is a flash way of saying we share our knowledge with growers, to help them get the best out of their orchard.

These sessions are held, appropriately, under the vines. We’ve shared ideas on using reflective covers, setting cropping and pruning targets and stringing vines, to mention a few


Over the past eight years, since introducing our sustainability framework, we have put a considerable effort into reducing waste to landfill. By focusing on the ‘Seven Rs’ – refuse, replace, reduce, reuse, repair, recycle and rot – and encouraging suppliers to do the same, our costs have gone from $80,000 a year to just $8,000.



We pack over 15 million trays of kiwifruit a year and popping a little sticker on each one produces over 14 tonnes of fruit label backing paper that can’t be recycled.

Rather than throw it away as landfill, we came up with a new use for it; we pass it on to local farmers who use it as bedding for baby calves. It’s perfect because it’s non-toxic, very absorbent and eventually composts down.


When it comes to lunchtime, we want to give our staff a choice. That’s why our onsite café offers a great range of nutritional meals and beverages – beyond the pie and chips.

We believe the healthier our staff, the healthier our performance, and by giving staff the right fuel to focus, we’re helping them feel good inside and out.