At Trevelyan’s, we have established a clear sustainability structure, which underpins how we operate. This framework is built on three key pillars: Work Smart, Tread Lightly and Respect Our People. Our focus on these pillars helps define our kaupapa (purpose) – growing a better future for our growers, our people, our environment and our industry.

We have spent the last 10 years growing our sustainable future in line with our core values. We have achieved a lot of ‘big little wins,’ but we recognise that there is still a lot of work to do.

For Trevelyan’s, sustainability is a priority – economic, environmental and social. And for us to continue to be sustainable, we try to transform any challenges we encounter into opportunities for our growers and our business.

These challenges include responding efficiently and effectively to volume growth, better technology and information systems, supporting our suppliers to make sustainable choices and helping our staff look after their emotional and physical wellbeing.

All business decisions are undertaken with consideration of our three key pillars, as these capture the areas we want to invest in for continuous improvement year-on-year.  By using these pillars as a ‘lens’ through which to look at our business, we can identify opportunities for improvement. 


Manaaki whenua, manaaki tangata, haere whakamua —

Care for the land, care for the people, go forward.


We’re excited to share with you the recent stories of our people and our place, to celebrate the “Big Wins” in our everyday actions that are adding up to better results for our growers – and the industry at large.

Reducing carbon emissions with good decisions.

At Trevelyan’s, we never look for a quick fix when it comes to our business, but sometimes it turns out a quick fix can help protect the planet.

Losses in coolstore refrigerant are potentially our most significant carbon emissions, which can contribute to climate change. When a refrigeration component fails, our engineers check that same component in all 39 coolstores and either fix or replace it as required. Our team also carry portable monitors to help them detect and stop refrigerant leaks. It’s a prevention strategy that’s made a big difference in reducing our annual carbon emissions.

Sometimes, big wins come to those who don’t wait.

Repair. Reuse. It’s what we do.
Our wooden pallets carry a heavy load, bringing packaging to our site and carrying fruit to the other side of the world.It’s a big job and some pallets get damaged in the process.

Any pallets that are broken get sent to Trevelyan’s team member Eric. Every year he fixes several thousand pallets to ensure we have a supply ready when we need them. By repairing and reusing as we go, we’re keeping the pallets in circulation and limiting the need to buy more.

Reducing our waste and reducing costs – that’s a big win.

Safer drivers. Now that’s going the extra mile.
At Trevelyan’s, continuous improvement isn’t just about how we can improve our business, but how we can improve our entire community.

Over the past year, we’ve supported the safety of our team with a number of permanent and overseas workers undergoing free, intensive driver training.
Our driver training programme has helped them understand local driving conditions, with some obtaining full New Zealand licences.

For us, it’s about driving change that benefits our entire region – now that’s a big win.

Pest control that protects the planet.

Pest control can be effective and eco-conscious – just ask our Technical Manager, Dr Jonathan Cutting.

He and his team are on hand to help guide growers to the best and greenest pest control options. Equipped with the skills and the smarts, they look at the big picture to understand how the chemicals we use can impact our crops and our environment, both now and into the future.

Through this lens, they work with our growers to get the best all-round outcome – one that has a big impact on pest management with minimal environmental footprint. All that adds up to a healthy crop and happy growers – it’s a big win for everyone.

Compostable string – the latest in our long line of sustainable efforts.
Finding a sustainable solution to our growers’ string was getting us all tied up. Orchard string is regularly used to support growing kiwifruit vines, but it’s not always disposed of in the best way.

We’re testing a compostable string that’s strong enough to support vine growth and sustainable enough to support our vision. This allows us to enhance plant growth while protecting the planet and that’s a big win for everyone.

Taking the pressure off the environment.

Who knew a simple cable tie could be the solution to saving nearly 4,000 litres of water a day?

It’s all thanks to a Trevelyan’s team member, who suggested we should reduce the flow of our high-pressure, knee-operated taps.In the peak season, these taps are in high demand as our employees wash their hands up to eight times per shift – high pressure means high water use.

With a bit of Kiwi ingenuity and a clever technique with cable ties, we’ve limited the water pressure, cutting our water use by 85%. It’s all part of our efforts to become more sustainable – a big win for our people and our planet.