At Trevelyan’s, we carefully manage our picking capacity to ensure that our growers’ fruit is harvested at optimal maturity. We currently have four export packhouses (one automated), a local market packhouse, and forty-plus coolstores, with more under development. This means we are not hindered by packing and cool storage constraints.

For over forty years, our growers have depended on us to manage their orchards responsibly, pick their fruit promptly, package them expertly, and coordinate the supply chain logistics, all within very tight timelines.

We understand the importance of harvesting fruit with the utmost care and reducing physical damage prior to packing so that we can deliver the best possible storage performance and Orchard Gate Returns to our growers. It is our care and comprehensive audit system that has provided consistently high-performing results to our growers.

Our ability to store fruit in buffer or CA stores is a major benefit to our growers. We can accept more fruit from our growers and store extra volumes picked during the peak of Gold kiwifruit harvest. All the fruit is carefully managed to ensure it remains in optimal condition. Trevelyan’s robust inventory management system monitors the quality of all lines of fruit we have in store regularly to help minimise fruit loss and maximise grower returns.

Throughout the whole kiwifruit harvest season, we communicate with our growers. Our weekly inventory report keeps growers fully informed about the quality of their fruit all the way to the market and how it is tracking compared to the industry average. Additionally, we provide many other reports so our growers can make future-based orchard decisions. Good communication is the foundation of building trusting relationships with our growers.