At Trevelyan’s we carefully manage our picking capacity to ensure your fruit is harvested at the optimal maturity.

Most of our experienced harvest contractors are also kiwifruit growers themselves. So they know the importance of harvesting your fruit with the utmost care so we can deliver the best possible storage performance and Orchard Gate Returns to you.

We have a comprehensive audit system in place for all our contractors throughout each and every harvest. Trevelyan’s are renowned for having some of the best picking contractors in the business and are consistently performing to a standard above that of other packhouses.

Contractors are audited for picking performance in the field and also in the packhouse. Financial incentives are awarded to those who meet the highest standards of picking.

Once harvested, all produce is transported to Trevelyan’s packhouses in wooden field bins.

The fruit is tipped, packed and palletised before being placed into cool storage.