Our state-of-the-art cool storage facilities are carefully managed to ensure fruit remains in optimal condition. It may be quality inspected while in coolstore to determine the appropriate markets to send it to.

Trevelyan’s robust inventory management system monitors the quality of all lines of fruit we have in store on a regular basis to help minimise fruit loss and maximise grower returns.

Palletised fruit is then transported by truck (in containers or curtain side) to the wharf for export, or to distributors for delivery to local markets.

Our weekly inventory report keeps growers fully informed about the quality of their fruit all the way to the market and how it is tracking compared to the industry average.

Export Information

Trevelyan’s class one kiwifruit is sold to consumers all over the globe through many distribution models by Zespri.

Market demand for kiwifruit is managed by Zespri according to a plan based on the estimated fruit available each season. This plan ensures we deliver the right fruit, to the right market, in the best condition, on time.

Trevelyan’s kiwifruit is currently exported to 61 ports in 32 different countries and complies with the New Zealand Customs Service Secure Export Scheme (SES). This ensures all our produce exports are packed, stored and distributed in a manner that prevents tampering or contamination.