We are a successful, hard-working and trustworthy packhouse and cool storage company. Our philosophy stands behind everything we do – growers come first. For us, packing and storing fruit is personal and, as in all good relationships, open and transparent communication is vital to success. Consultation is at the heart of our organisation and we encourage interaction and feedback from our growers and staff. We work alongside a range of growers from large corporates to small, privately owned orchards and treat everyone equally.

All of our growers reap the rewards of our high-performance state-of-the-art facilities that translate into top orchard gate returns (OGR). Our dedicated team provides our growers with knowledgeable and professional service. Our people can be credited with much of our success and actively play their part in our reputation as innovators, industry leaders and importantly, being honest.

Many of our improvements have been suggested by growers, staff and contractors, collaborating to make our orchard management, picking, packing and cool storage processes more streamlined and efficient. Adding to this efficiency is the fact that ours is a single-site facility, including five packhouses and 36 coolstores – with plenty of room for further growth.

With this growth comes a need for a sustainable future. From being profitable and having strong leadership, through to looking after our staff, business partners and resources, continuous improvement and sustainability are at the core of what we do. We have implemented these initiatives to the benefit of our growers, staff, the wider community and overall business efficiency.

In these times of increasing industry confidence and resilience, we look forward to providing our growers with a bright and prosperous future.

Grower Support – on-orchard advice

Grower Support – Harvest and Auditing