Avocado growers have two main sources of income, the export market and the domestic market. Both are very important in determining a strong orchard gate return.


At Trevelyan’s, all our domestic avocados are sold under the ‘BayFarms’ brand. This brand was established in 1995 and is well known for its quality and consistency. We supply the two major supermarket chains in New Zealand, and also the main wholesale market. We also have an online business selling fruit direct to the consumer:


All growers who supply Trevelyan’s export through AVOCO. AVOCO exports primarily to Australia and is working hard to develop new markets while maintaining the key relationships they have in Australia. Demand for avocados is managed by AVOCO and is communicated to the packhouse through AVOCO Alerts. These provide supply and demand details for the wholesale and retail markets, and also report on fruit quality and returns to growers.


Trevelyan’s arrange the supply of processing grade avocados to multiple markets where companies produce premium avocado oil.