Trevelyan’s Managed Orchards provide both Kiwifruit and Avocado growers with a comprehensive range of on-orchard services in the Te Puke and wider Bay of Plenty area. We provide expert advice to help maximise productivity and minimise the stress involved in daily orchard management.

We strive to provide all growers with the best returns and an orchard to be proud of. We tailor our plans to individual grower requirements, from large corporates to small, privately-owned orchards, and our model allows owners to be involved as much–or as little–as they wish.

This management model delivers clear benefits for growers. They’re able to retain ownership of their orchard and enjoy extra income from increased productivity. Our contracts run for one season at a time and are re-signed annually. Growers are not locked into long-term contracts which gives them flexibility and confidence to make the best decisions for their orchard.

Our Orchard Management team are supported by the wider Trevelyan group, which gives access to technical advice and ongoing training which allows them to be kept up to date with all new orchard practices.


For more information, contact any of our Kiwifruit Grower Liaisons


For our avocado clients, we have two partner companies: Ashlin Avos Limited, managed by Ashby and Linda Whitehead, and Pulse Avopik Limited, managed by David and Tania Wills.


Please call to request a copy of Trevelyan’s Good Agricultural Practice Compliance Assessment Verification Certificate 2023.