We are pleased to be able to offer a high level of technical support for our growers. Within our avocado team, we have the experience, expertise and passion to assist you in producing large crops of good quality fruit. These services and reporting include:

Soil and Leaf tests – we can take samples and send to Hills Lab – Soil Report.pdf

Fertiliser recommendations based on soil and leaf reports – Fertiliser_Report.pdf

Fortnightly Technical Tips covering off recent AvoGreen results, orchard tasks and harvest information – Avocado Tech Tip

Regular field days and discussion groups – Upcoming Events

Planting plans and budgets for new development blocks – please get in touch

AvoGreen Monitoring – Avocado_Monitoring_Sheet.pdf

Mapping – Orchard Map.pdf

Dry matter testing and reporting – please get in touch to arrange

Quarterly newsletters – AvocadoQuarterly

Packout Report and reject analysis – Pack_Out_Report.pdf

Check out the local rain radar here