The foundation of our company rests on our three values – Work Smart, Tread Lightly and Respect Our People.

These values are a vital framework for the success of our organisation. They offer balance, a standard for accountability and they guide how we think and operate; from office to orchard and between our customers, community, suppliers and staff.

Work Smart

By gaining a sound understanding of our growers, resources, and stakeholders, we leverage our expertise and continuous improvement practices, to make smarter strategic decisions and ensure the best outcomes for everyone.

Tread Lightly

In a world facing complex challenges and changing climates, we remain agile and responsive, cultivating sustainable business practices, and preserving and enhancing the land for future generations.

Respect our People

We’re committed to maintaining our integrity, and inspiring our people with purpose and pride by investing in their capabilities; creating a respectful and nurturing community where everyone thrives.