The week that was 12/4/2021


  1. A few of us travelled to Wellington to represent Trevelyan’s at the MPI “Good Employer Award”. We unfortunately didn’t win, but it was an honour to be a finalist.
  2. We now have all ten shifts running, in preparations for the main season of G3, which is almost upon us. The HR team is working hard to keep all the teams topped up with enough staff.
  3. Thanks to Eddie and Carol Biesiek for hosting us on their avocado orchard in Katikati on Thursday. 
    1. We heard from Eddie about the challenges of developing a high density avocado orchard
    2. Lynwood and Riversun nurseries were in attendance, outlining their own experiences with new developments
    3. Out of the 60 growers in attendance, all but a couple said if they were to plant a new orchard, it would be high density (350+ trees per ha)
    4. Here are a few short clips of the field day,