The week that was 23/4/2021

  1. The shape of Hayward is keeping us on our toes this year. From what I can see, there are some mixed results coming from those that have applied Ambitious this year. We need to do more work in this space, but there seems to be a range of rates being used, from 25gms/100L up to 50gms/100L.
  2. At the recent ISG meeting, it was decided to delay the decision on whether size 39 G3 should be treated as NSS. They will be standard supply for next season, and the discussion had again next year, for the 2023 season.
  3. We have begun doing dry matter tests on avocado orchards, in Pukehina, Opotiki and Whakatane.  They have all come back showing they are at least 8 weeks away.
  4. Results we have seen from the Far North suggests they are around 6 weeks away.