The week that was, 18/12/2020

Last week I referred to “the more inputs, the more risk”. The comment refers to what we had found in the past with Acadian, stimplex and urea. Also, this year, in general the short keeping group put more foliars on the orchards than the long keepers.

  1. At TGL this week the pool split for G3 and G3OB were moved to 50/50 split, inline with all the other pools bar HECK which is 100% direct.
  2. It is a big welcome to our two new associate TGL directors Joga Singh and Heather Hawkey and a big thank you to Kaspar Beech for his input over his term.
  3. Today we had a meeting with a group of growers on a high density avocado orchard in Opotiki. MPI attended as well and offered some insights into how government is prepared to offer assistance to growers to understand regenerative farming systems.
  4. We have been fortunate enough to receive support from our key suppliers to enable us to have pre-Christmas prize draw (eg. Big screen TV). Next Tuesday we will put all growers names in a hat, and draw out the winners. More details to follow next week.

This will the last week that was before next year. Thank you so much for everyone’s support, please take care and look after those around you.

Ngā mihi, 

James Trevelyan


Only dead fish go with the flow.

The week that was, 11/12/20


  1. At the avocado field day this week, we looked and tasted two new varieties of greenskin avocados, bred by the Grey family. The market opportunity for this fruit is in NZ and in the late autumn local market period.
  2. Next week we will be picking and packing as much Avocados as possible, to build inventory prior to the Christmas period.
  3. Mike Knowles, the shipping manager at Zespri, gave G4 a presentations of the current shipping challenges that the industry may have to grapple with. Zespri has the ability to order refer ships at the start of the season to take the pressure off the container ships if there was a shortage of refrigerated containers. The lead time to do so would be eight weeks.
  4. We had the annual coolstore review mid-week. The best storage results came from the following;

a. G3,

  • Harvested at the right time.
  • New crops shipped fast.
  • The more inputs, the more risk.

b. Hayward

  • Harvested at the right time.
  • Less girdles.
  • The more inputs, the more risk.

Hei konā,

James Trevelyan

A thought,

Worry is a misuse of your imagination.

The week that was, 4/12/2020


  1. Mid-week we had to put in an expression of interest for obtaining an allocation of the 2000 RSE workers that Government recently announced, as being available to the horticulture and viticulture sectors this coming season. The sectors responded with needs in excess of 6000 workers. I’m am hearted to read, in the following link, that Central Otago appears to have plenty of workers.
  2. I attended the Organic Management Committee meeting at Zespri on Thursday. The COKA reps delivered the message that “taste was paramount at any cost to the Organic category” so would not be supporting the capping of taste.
  3. Well done to Graham and Heather Aldridge who took out the NZ avocado award for top producing orchard for last season, their orchard is on No 3 road in Te Puke.
  4. We are continually running avocado’s under the NIR heads, in an effort to understand the internal quality of the fruit we are putting in trays.


A thought

Maturing is realizing how many things don’t require your comment.

The week that was, 27/11/2020


  1. Thanks to all Growers for the prompt reply to Trevelyan’s PMC Agreements – We have 1,100+ hectares registered for the KiwiGreen pest monitoring programme to date.
  2. Trevelyan’s End of Storage Season Review is planned for 10.30am, Wednesday the 9th of December. A formal invitation will follow next week.
  3. We are packing Avocados again on the weekend to make sure we meet export and local market flowplans. 
  4. The Avocado team are planning a field day for Wednesday 9th December, in the afternoon. More details to be circulated next week. 
  5. As local market avocado volumes increase in the marketplace we continue to see great value being achieved for our retail programs.
  6. Bayfarms online is a running a Black Friday Special, so check out their website and purchase some great value fruit at

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new” – Albert Einstein

The week that was, 20/11/2020


  1. The capping of G3 TZG was undertaken to make for a simplistic out come for all. However as the details of the decision are being understood, you would have to wonder if the changes are creating more issues than solving prior problems.
  2. At the TGL AGM on Wednesday, Paul Hickson asked, if there are interesting speakers coming to TGL, that other growers also get to listen to them. We will work with TGL to make this happen.
  3. Please remember to complete your Orchard KiwiGreen Pest Monitoring Centre Agreement form. Trevelyan’s is currently planning and training staff to complete the required Pest Monitoring process. Can you please return the completed agreement, so we can plan and process the volume of hectarage required.
  4. Over the past 7 days we have picked 1216 bins of avocados.  This has equated to over 46,000 trays of avocados, or around 9% of our total crop estimate.  Thanks to all our growers and contractors for helping make this happen.  We are packing again on Saturday.


A thought,

It’s the will, not the skill.

The week that was, 13/11/2020


  1. We shipped our last export kiwifruit for the season during the week. This concludes a very successful season for us where our fruit loss has been significantly lower than the industry for both HW and G3 varieties in both Conventional and Organic categories.
  2. We have sent in validation of harvest dates to Zespri for kiwifruit packed in week 13/14. We are expecting many of the grower claims will result in an increase in their kiwistart rates.
  3. We are back into avocado picking again, and are packing both days on the weekend to make up for the time lost earlier in the week due to weather.  Over the next 7 days we expect to harvest around 1300 bins of avocados.
  4. We have paid the September 2 pool for avocados.  The best returns were $29.96 per tray for large Class 2 fruit.


A thought,

The quieter you become, the more you can hear.